YIP_WA_1_005As a child on Saturday nights while my father was shining his shoes and listening to Blues music, I was exposed to the Genre. Though, my immediate affection during the teenage years was classic rock and funk, groups such as Kansas, Chicago, Boston, Earth Wind & Fire, Ohio Players, Morris Day & The Time, and Led Zepplin to name a few. It wasn’t until later in my life when my father once again re-introduced to the blues to me at a local club. Witnessing how entrenched my father was with the blues, I took upon myself to dig deeper into this outstanding and vibrant music. Now, I can finally say I love the Blues and promoting the Blues around the globe via state-of-the-art technologies and as a Blues DJ on Meta-verse otherwise known as Yippee Ki-Ay Blues® Grid.

Yippee Ki-Ay Blues® objective is to bring the Blues to you from a different perspective, we are striving to take this awesome Genre to another level of exposure. The day when you can hear the blues music blaring from the car adjacent to you during your everyday travels, that’s when our efforts has made a profound affect on society.

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