Cyndi Lauper Memphis Blues CD…..

Memphis Blues CD Cyndi Lauper
This latest CD titled “Memphis Blues” by Cyndi Lauper is a must to have for all Blues Lovers out there. Throughout many of my DJ performances on Second Life, I’ve only run across one other DJ who actually plays some of the tunes from this outstanding CD. The first song “Just Your Fool” featuring Harmonic player Charlie Musselwhite is one damn hot song that gets you off the edge of your chair. The blazing sounds from the harmonic and the vocals of Cyndi Lauper is truly amazing. One of the songs on the CD called “Early In The Morning” featuring Allen Toussaint and BB King is a wonderful tune. It’s one of the songs I play for the opening of my DJ sets, the tune sets the tone as Cyndi sings the day starts off with some Blues. Another hot blazing song on the CD is titled “How Blue Can You Get” featuring Johnny Lang. Ohh ! Bring It On ! Cyndi and Johnny !! Oh I can get blue like no other and this tune is one of the most favorite among my loyal listeners at the various clubs in Second Life. A song titled “Rollin’ & Tumblin‘” featuring Ann Peebles, is another classic blues tune. The slide guitars in the background really digs into your soul along with the awesome vocals of Lauper and Peebles. A great song is titled “Mother Earth” featuring Allen Toussaint, and the sounds of the piano sets up the tempo. Oh Nellie ! All you need is a drink in your hands and let the tunes grab your soul as the piano keys speaks to you. There are many more songs on the CD, trust me. You will not be disappointed at all, especially if you are a blues lover. This CD is a must and based on the reception I get while spinning tunes from the CD, the folks out love the songs.

Here is one of the songs from Memphis Blue CD, called “How Blue Can You Get” featuring Johnny Lang.

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