Dean Haitani – Guitar And Harmonica Blues

Guitar and Harmonica Blues, Dean Haitani
Guitar and Harmonica Blues, Dean Haitani

This is one helluva blues CD ! The Opening track “Strong Persuader” is a great song as the harmonica truly sets the tone for this entire CD. On the second track “A Letter From Nashville”, you can definitely get in that mood as the vocals and guitar grabs your attention along with the harp. “Muddy Waters” is one of the favorites that listeners do enjoy during my DJ shows on the Metaverse. The next track kinda puts you back into the Juke Joints atmosphere where you hear the harp and acoustic guitar jamming away. “Kenny’s Bag” makes you wanna grab a beer and do the boogie on the dance floor. One of the best tracks on this CD, is “The House Of The Rising Sun” where the picking of the acoustic guitar gently rocks into that serene state of mind. From there the harp just grabs your soul and simply just close your eyes to feel the vibe. “Time” is a nice up tempo jam, where Dean’s vocals surely pops up along with that harp. Ohh baby ! You ready to boogie ? Yeah ! “Rolling In My Sweet Baby’s Arms” can definitely get the listeners to shake their bootay’s !! “Multiply” keeps the tempo consistent and flowing from here, once again the vocals of Dean’s just kicks ass. “Isn’t She Lovely” slows down the tempo to conclude the awesome CD. The picking of the strings places your mind into that state of relaxing. The harp adds another dimensional to this song and I can vision Stevie Wonder in the background smiling to this version of the song.

Now here is the song that I start the DJ gigs of mine, the title “Starting Time” Ohh Yeah ! Bring it on ! Let’s turn it up, here comes the Juke Joint !!

      1. Dean Haitani - Starting Time
Guitar and Harmonica Blues, Dean Haitani

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