Hot Blues Musician – Noma Falta

Hey Blues Fans ! There are many many excellent blues musicians performing live on Second Life. Noma Falta is one of them and her shows are downright fantastic !! You surely do not want to miss any of her “Live” shows on Second Life and I promise you that you will not come away disappointed. What do you have to lose ? Nothing at all ! Simply get a free account on Second Life and search for Noma Falta to get her Live performance schedule on Second Life. Alright ! I know ! Here’s a short video clip of Noma Falta performing !!

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  1. wayne cheverie - October 19, 2013 at 12:55 pm Reply

    I think noma will do good with a career in the blues field. She is as good any other female blues artist
    as far as i can hear as i play a bit of guitar myself so id have an ear for sound and good singing voices. Good luck noma and keep up the good work.

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