Lance Lopez – Higher Ground

Higher Ground, Lance Lopez CD
Higher Ground, Lance Lopez CD

You wanna hear some rockin’ Texas Blues? Well check this out Lance Lopez  can bring down the Joint with some awesome SRV-like riffs. Lopez’s CD titled “Higher Ground” is simply amazing ! Let me say this much, the titled song truly sets the stage and simply rocks !  Throughout the song Lance vocals are the focal point. It would be nice for some harmonica in the mix. Towards the end of the song, the strong riffs could be heard and felt. “That’s a Fact” reminds me of the new material that Chicago’s Bluesman Nick Moss has been doing lately. Your ears will feel that Hendrix rough deep guitar blues. This song is a cross-mixture of Rock and Blues, but it still ROCKS ! Just imagine it’s Friday Night, a Hot Texas evening  and the joint is packed while riffs from the song “Let me Love you” are bouncing off the walls. Your eyes glancing around and people doing the body grind. Ohhh My Lawd ! This is one of the crowds favorites during my DJ shows on the Metaverse. You think it’s hot already huh ? Just before you thought it was time to cool off, here comes the “El Paso Sugar” song. Definitely, Lance Lopez is reflecting on some wonderful memories as most could relate to. Yet another great tune to dance while taking down your favorite liquor. In the middle of the song, you get to feel that strong texas riffs from Lance Lopez.

The next tune titled “Drinkin’ My Blues” keeps the rhythm consistent as the sweet texas riffs and deep vocals of Lance Lopez captures your mind. “Every Dog Has His Day” is another well like song of the blues lovers on the Metaverse. Sometimes, I am wondering during my DJ shows are they trying to tell me something ? Maybe they aren’t liking the songs I am throwing down as a Blues DJ ! Laughs ! I just love the kick-ass riffs at the end of this song. The next song “Thunderbird South” is one of those that the blues lovers haven’t quite catch onto. Though, at various rock and biker clubs, this tune receives a well receptive vibe from the listeners. I feel this leans much into the rock genre than blues and don’t get me wrong. It’s a good tune as well. Now ! Now ! “Hard Livin” is a song that really gets the crowd up and shakin’ their bootay’s ! I try to spin this song when it’s getting late and the mood is just right. If you catch my drift ! Ohhh Bring It On Lance ! Tear the Joint’s Roof ! The most well liked song from the Blues Lovers on the Metaverse is “Every Time I Turn Around”. The strong riffs dominates the opening of the song and Lance vocals slides right in there. Sweet !! Ohh How Could You Do Me ???? That’s okay baby ! Lawd Have Mercy !! Ohhh Yes, can you dig it ?? SRV !! This song is categorized as “Ummm, Baby Don’t let your drawers down Cuz I am ready” I spin this song when the couples wanna get all up and slow dance together. The last song “Kool Iron Bed” features the slide guitars and Hendrix-like vocals affects when Lance sings.

The feature song which I know you will definitely dig is called “Type of Girl”. Time to get off the chair and strut your way to the dance floor to let loose. Wooo Hooo ! Let it all hang out ! Do enjoy this review and make sure to pick up this CD. You will not be disappointed if you dig the Texas Blues !

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