Rattled Beats Show Tonight 10 PM til 11 PM PST…

Rattled Beats Show Friday Nights
Rattled Beats Show Friday Nights

Tonight’s Show will be featuring a few artists for Women in Blues, who will be participating in the Women in Blues Showcase on 23 January 2015 in Memphis TN. Such as Rachelle Coba, Pat Pepin, Beareather Reddy, Bridget Kelly Band, and Paula Harris. In addition, the following artists will be on the show as well: Long Tall Deb, Lisa Mann, Benny Turner, John Ginty, Darren Jack, Big Daddy Wilson and Jimmy Pailer & The Prophets. Check out the Playlist and do enjoy the show as this will give you a preview as to what to expect in January at the Showcase.

Get WIRED and Enjoy the Blues from Yippee Ki-Ay.

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