Story Of Lucille (Part II)….


As Lucille sat there in the driver’s seat of the 1929 Ford Model A Pick-up, a bright and very warm sunlight shines on her entire left side. Instantly, Lucille felt another calling from the spirits of nature as her right index finger and thumb gave the key a slight turn to the right in a clock-wise motion. The 1929 Ford Model A Pick-up begins to move and ride on the winding two lane road through a very beautiful highly dense forest. The engine sounds echos across the paved two lane road, on occasion the sounds ricochets off the large shaved rock formations which makes Lucille paranoid at times. She learned to be paranoid and look around corners while watching her back. After-all, she is deep in the wilderness and no sighting of human activity so far. This is the inverse of the City Zoo, where now the humans are caged and landlocked by the wild animals who call this their home.

Ever since leaving her house, Lucille has been looking behind through the rear-view mirror and side-view mirror. It has been part of her instincts as situational awareness is essential if she is to stay alive. She doesn’t drive with the blaring speakers of Larry Graham’s “Thank You, Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin” as she has done regularly while driving through the urban areas. Her ears are unbound and tuned to the roadway. Every little sound, every shuffle or distant downshift of any potential automobile ahead on the roadway will be registered with her.

The roadway makes a sharp bend to the right and as Lucille navigates the bright yellow pick-up, she notices a sign off to the right on the dirt shoulder. The sign appeared to be weather beaten and the words are hardly in readable form, but a narrow one lane gravel road begins right at the base of the sign. As the bright yellow pick-up draws closer and leaves the paved two lane road behind, Lucille manages to decipher the words on the sign “B-Flat Campground, .25 Miles Ahead”. Cautiously, Lucille steers the 1929 Ford Model A pick-up on the rough one lane gravel dirt road and she notices the area is completely pristine. Here, Lucille has escape the suburbs and surrounded by amazing tall pines with many clusters of quaking aspens. Just before the 1929 Ford Model A Pick-up rolls up to a parking spot on the B-Flat Campground area, Lucille steals a sidelong glance behind her again. The trick is to be unobtrusive, to not reveal that she has no idea where she is. No tails. She isn’t being followed either.

Today, Lucille life changes forever. She has no idea what is in store for her. She just knows something very unusual is going on and has witnessed various visible activities around her. As the 1929 Ford Model A Pick-up comes to a complete stop in the parking slot, Lucille’s eyes are drawn to a rather very interesting device and a Trailhead. There is a partial map posted on Trailhead and a few words that Lucille read outloud “Cigar Box Canyon, 2 Miles“. Just before Lucille can finish that statement, the device with a solar panel attached to it comes to life as the song “You’ve Gotta Move” by Robert Randolph is playing.


At this moment, Lucille notices a blending of the Past with the Future where the Trailhead represents the Past and device with Solar Panel represents the Future. The combination provide an unique amount of synergy which Lucille could not explain to anyone if she had the opportunity, it was a classic “You Had To Be There” to know. By now, Lucille is convinced that something unknown to her is attempting to grab her entire mindset and soul as she sat there in the driver’s seat completely focused on the song. Pondering over and over, repeatedly rang through Lucille’s head “Where Is This Leading Her to?”….

To Be Continued….

Part I

Video Credits for Robert Randolph: BluesBroad

Video Credits for Larry Graham: Brian Braziel