Rattled Beats Show (The Lunch Hour Blues Rock) NOON EST / 9 AM PST, Buddy Guy & Joe Bonamassa Throw Down I

A Lunch Hour Special “Blues Rock” Buddy Guy and Joe Bonamassa

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Rattled Beats Show Christmas Night 10 PM EST / 7 PM PST

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Rattled Beats Show Tonight 10 PM EST / 7 PM PST

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Rattled Beats Show Tonight @ 7pm PST / 10pm EST…..


We are going to start off the Labor Day Holiday Weekend with some blazin’ blues on the Rattled Beats Show tonight. Special starting time at 7pm PST / 10pm EST. Starting off the show is Paul Gilbert & Jimi Kidd followed by Pat Travers, Joe Bonamassa, Robert Randolph & The Family Band, Robben Ford, and Stevie Ray Vaughan to name a few. Check out the complete playlist and get WIRED to listen in.

More Analysis On Blues Music and Artists Correlation….

If you recall on the last post, I had shown one major anomaly during the year of 2010. There was a huge spike of interest in regards to blues artists versus the blues genre during the mid-2010 time-frame. So I decided to take a further look into this unique anomaly and with the assistance from Billboard.Com, I created a table depicting all the Blues Albums released in the year of 2010. From there, I created a graph to demonstrate what triggered the spike of interests among the Blues Artists so suddenly. Here is the resulting graph for your review as well.

Well, from investigating the graph above which is based on the data from Billboards.com for 2010. It is evident that The Steve Miller Band Album/CD “BINGO!” and Cyndi Lauper’s “Memphis Blues” Album/CD brought on more exposure to the Blues Genre. Though, Joe Bonamassa had released an Album/CD earlier as well. Furthermore, at the end of 2010, there was another spike of interest which correlates to the release of Buddy Guy’s “Living Proof” Album/CD.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and found it rather interesting as I did. Until the next post, have a great weekend Yippee Ki-Ay Blues Lovers !!

Trending News – Joe Bonamassa Becoming Household Name in Blues Genre.

Back in 2000, Joe Bonamassa recorded his 1st Album titled “A New Day Yesterday” and it was at this time that Bonamassa was trying to get into the Blues Genre. Bonamassa was influenced by the British Blues and artists as such Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and the late Rory Gallagher. Furthermore, Bonamassa had stated that Stevie Ray Vaughn had an enormous influence on him during his youth.

As a blues follower, I am always intrigued to see at what point in time during an artist career did the launching date of popularity had occurred. As you will see, Bonamassa ascension came during the year of 2009 in February, right about the time of the CD release of “The Ballard Of John Henry“. The following graph depicts Bonamassa rise in popularity.

Furthermore, Bonamassa is extremely popular in the Netherlands followed by United Kingdom. In fact, the 6 out of the top 7 countries are European and the United States ranked 3rd among the grouping. The following graph demonstrates the facts, have a look for yourself.

Lastly, the last graph demonstrates geographically where Joe Bonamassa is a household name universally. It would be very interesting to conduct another analysis a year from now to see what other areas that Bonamassa name becomes a well known commodity among the Blues Genre.