The Story Of Lucille, Part VII


In those fifteen minutes at least two lives hung out and forming a bondage. Once the song faded out, it was very apparent both Wicked Willie and
Lucille were ready for the next phase of this journey. “Lead me to where I’m destined to be”, said Lucille, as she broke the silence. Wicked Willie
didn’t say a word, most likely this was done on purpose. Lucille’s memory of the cave cravings is crystal clear. Her blue eyes are closed at this
very moment, but she’s as sharp as they come.”I had this feeling. Not sure how to describe it, but it was unsettling. I glanced to that one carving
which featured the word FEAR, but it was gone.” She continues “So I looked over my left shoulder. As I did, there is another cave carving with the
saying “Think For Yourself”.

Is there something going on here? There is a larger issue here. Peel back the onion a bit more and another question pops out. How did they (The Elapid
and Wicked Willie) know about her. They must have been watching her office, noting the comings and goings of each vehicle, each staffer. That requires
extreme patience and professionalism to pull off. What’s worse,what else were they watching if any. They knew where to find her, if needed be. Essentially,
they displayed enormous amount of patience in hopes of having Lucille cross their paths voluntarily. The fundamental question was how long would it take
for Lucille to arrive. Now that she has made it this far, the rest is now history in the making.

Wicked Willie takes a long stare as he eyeballs the red-haired Lucille. This sort of silent scrutiny is not something anyone experienced, and Willie can
tell by her body language that she’s well beyond her comfort level. Her shoulders hunch up and her eyes wander away from Wicked Willie’s for a brief
moment. Several seconds pass before Wicked Willie cracks his neck, exhales, and spoke “Look, The Elapid and I know what you are capable of doing in the
grand scheme of things, but this pales in comparison to the next chapter of your life. Once, I give you the rope, you will experience something
beyond your wildest imagination.” A yellowish color illuminated the entire inner cave, flashing repeatedly. This vibrant color exposes the
TV screens embedded into the inner cave walls, live-streaming people from various parts of the world.

Silent, Lucille held her stance very proudly and didn’t even flinched while hearing the words. Curiosity registers on her face. She obviously realizes
that Wicked Willie is dead serious. If she’s not on-board with this, there is no doubt she wouldn’t have even made it this far by now. Perhaps Wicked
Willie’s reputation has preceded him. All over these lands known as Yippee Ki-Ay, people have learned not to mess with Wicked Willie. He plays hardball.
A couple of minutes pass and Wicked Willie tosses Lucille a rope of 20 feet in length, which the end is secured tightly onto a large boulder with a radius
about 15 feet. He mutters to Lucille “Your next chapter in life” as the cave’s flooring shifts and creates a large opening, instantly Lucille grabs onto
the rope and descends roughly about 15 feet. A loud roaring frantic scream ensues as she drops into the next lower level of the most glorious cave. As
she landed squarely on her shoes, Lucille glances around a notices floating musical notes, gold plated instruments such as a cigar box guitar, a harmonica,
a saxophone, and a drum set. All of a sudden, a song begins and the words “Come on in this house, Mercy, Mercy” as Frank Bang & The Cook County Kings song rattles the entire majestic cave. Flashing yellow and red lights adding to the ambience…..TBC

Part VI

The Story Of Lucille, Part VI


As the song of “Listen To The Blues” fades away, Lucille glances over to the lone standing wolf and asks “You never told me your name?” The wolf takes a few seconds, then stretches out his neck in a very intense manner “I am known as Wicked Willie.” Lucille kept her expressive blue eyes riveted on the wolf. Wicked Willie deliberates for a few more seconds, eyes meandering around. Then he reveals, “My pack is known as Wicked Willie’s.” How should I know you are telling the truth? Lucille asks. Wicked Willie launches into a short story about this pack. He claims they are cloned and heavily dependent on deep learning technology but that several other species are roaming the grounds as well. “I was chosen to be the pack leader due to my expertise ability to decipher information within a milli-second. Each clan member has unique skills they bring to the clan. As a clan, we cross train, share information and execute the mission without any hesitation”. Lucille stood there and pondering this revelation about Wicked Willie and his clan.

What is this mission, you speak about? Lucille asks. “Our Mission is to escort you directly to the leader who we refer as, The Elapid” Wicked Willie says. Lucille reaches into the side pocket of her medium size hiking pack and pulls out a piece of roasted dry beef jerky and waits. She seems jittery. Her hands are shaking. She is backlit by the only available moonlight taking presence in the area. Her eyes dart between Wicked Willie and apparently random points in the locale. Wicked Willie resumes his gait and led Lucille through a winding narrow trail. Before Lucille could say a word, Wicked Willie said “You are Lucille and we know everything about you. Hence, why you have been granted special access to these sacred grounds” Immediately, Lucille pauses dead in her tracks, caught off-guard by the statement made by Wicked Willie. To ease the most obvious state of anxiety in Lucille’s body language, Wicked Willie wiggles his tail in a light hearted gesture to convince her to resume her steps and follow closely behind.

Long ago daylight had disappeared and early evening had made its presence known by the long moonlight shadows on the grounds. Wicked Willie approaches what seems to be a well hidden cave, just a few yards off the trail on the left. Trampling sounds of dried up pine needles and branches echo’s off the cluster of pine trees and varied rock formations. As Lucille opens her mouth and asks “Where are we going?” Wicked Willie enters with ease into the small opening while Lucille follows closely and crotches over as she finally makes her way inside. “Who is this leader of yours?”, asked Lucille. A subsource is already in play here, which diminishes the value of the information. The further you go from the source, we were taught, the less likely the information will be accurate. It is sort of like a Dark World game of Telephone. This is how Lucille is wired and been trained by her long time mentors. Wicked Willie responds, “In many ways we’re his redheaded stepchild. We maneuver in the cracks and crevices between the other species. It is a tough place to operate, though we are indebted to him. Here on these lands we are supposed to see the overall picture. We face a mind-numbing amount of data every day but here in these lands, we’re supposed to have a perspective, which is no easy task when we’re inundated with so much raw information. The other species on here are focused on their immediate surroundings. They see the trees. We see the Forest. At least, we’re supposed to see it. And it is our jobs to figure out which sections of the forest are ripe for intrusion.”

While sitting on a chair inside the cave, a dancing flame from hanging torchlight provides just enough light for Lucille to get a glimpse of the various cave carvings. A few had caught Lucille’s attention, most notably the one “Come Home Blues” and instantly the song by Bobby BlackHat fills the entire cave. Wicked Willie says “Lucille, everything you see in this cave explains your purpose on these lands. Now it’s up to you on how to execute that mission to have a profound impact on Society.” Lucille eyes drifted to another very unique and eye opening cave carving “FEAR – False Evidence Are Realized” which depicts a smiling Bluesman with Cigar Box Guitar, gyrating down the torn up street. Those eyes of Lucille’s caught yet another unique carving “Tell It To Me Straight”, featuring a crowd of people attempting to look through a magnifying glass. Though, this time a song by Chris O’Leary brings the cave alive and Wicked Willie begins to pop his head to the beat. Lucille stood up and starts to shake a leg to the song while feeling the synergy of the cave. TO BE CONTINUED

Part V