Women in Blues – Lisa Mann

How we doing tonight Blues Lovers? Well, I got you a treat with an outstanding women in blues from the Pacific Northwest, Lisa Mann. Lisa is one helluva performer and her songs are so powerful and amazing. Mann’s latest Album/CD is one of the best I’ve heard the past year and the reviews she has […]

Women in Blues – Annika Chambers

On this fantastic Friday, we have another outstanding blues woman in Annika Chambers. Annika will be performing at the Women in Blues Showcase on 23rd January in Memphis TN. You have to make it down to Memphis as this Showcase promises to be one helluva exciting one, especially talented artists like Annika and many others […]

Women in Blues – Beareather Reddy

Today, we are featuring Beareather Reddy who will be one of the performers for Women in Blues Showcase on 23rd January 2015 in Memphis TN. To learn more about Beareather Reddy, you can visit her site and download a few of her songs. Beareather will certainly entertain you with some awesome blues, don’t miss this […]