The Story Of Lucille (Part I)…..

For many of you may have been wondering about this Lucille character on Yippee Ki-Ay. The general consensus probably had assumed it dealt with BB King’s Lucille, though it was a good guess unfortunately an incorrect one. So the question is “How did Lucille become involved with Yippee Ki-Ay?”. We would like to share the story with you, our loyal followers.

The setting takes place during the late summer month of August, where Lucille had been finding herself completely encapsulated in the grueling daily grind of a major metropolitan city. There are so many tasks at work, chores around the house to be done while at the same time way too many outside distractions were ongoing. Through it all, Lucille never quite had the necessary downtime that her mind and soul had been yearning for weeks. On an early Sunday morning, Lucille dragged herself out of bed and went into the garage to get into the 1929 Ford Model A Pick-up to insert the key into ignition keyhole as she did the radio blasts the following words “Start From The Five“. This had caught Lucille off-guard as she looked down at her watch and it was exactly 5:00 AM. All of a sudden, a deep powerful blues instrumental tune by Rafael Tranquilino Band rock the entire garage which provides just the right amount of energy to get Lucille to start the 1929 Ford Model A Pickup. While the engine roars with life, the electronic garage door rolls up and before anyone in the neighborhood could notice the bright yellow pick-up truck Lucille was already rolling on the highway en-route to the mountains for a day trip excursion.

As the day trip progresses, the route demanded Lucille to be on her best awareness as she navigates the bright yellow 1929 Ford Model A Pick-up with ease through several switchbacks. As the mileage on the odometer rolls over higher, it appeared to Lucille the level of stress was diminishing as well. It was at this point of time, Lucille had noticed the time on the clock had stopped and she now relies on the shadows of the very tall forest pine trees. By Lucille’s best guess, the time was approximately around the early afternoon hours where she decides to stop and pull over into a modest gravel dirt shoulder area. Lucille sat there while taking in the scenery, large pine trees sprinkled in between quaking aspens and the hawks sqwuaking as they flew by high above the area.

There was something in the air that caught the attention of Lucille, though she did not quite know what was going on but she felt a transformation of some sort. For once, she could hear the sounds of nature surrounding her entire body and among that was an electrifying “Screaming In The Wind” roaring blues tune by Dudley Taft that Lucille has never heard before. Those eyes of Lucille’s momentarily closes to engage with that powerful sounds of the blues which has taken over her mind. A brisk and very cool wind begins to sweep this blues sound away from Lucille as the eyes fully opens while panning around the area to find no evidence of anything but pure nature along with falling yellowish aspen leaves. This stirred a deep curiosity in Lucille’s mind, what actually resides deep in the meadows beyond the highly dense forest?

To Be Continued…..

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