The Story Of Lucille, Part V….


Late afternoon rolls on the shadows from the majestic sandstone canyon had completely covered Lucille’s body. Lucille stood there, keenly aware of everything around her including that large wolf perched above on that large boulder. It became crystal-clear the wolf is speaking to her, without any hesitation Lucille pose a question “Who are you?” The wolf’s head slightly cocked to its right as the following words surrounds Lucille’s ears. “During the time when we were being re-introduced at Yellowstone National Park. A pack of my ancestors were supplied with GPS collars. They monitored every move my ancestors made. Though…” A long purposeful pause occurs which only heightens the suspense.

All in all, Lucille’s gut tells her something unique is unfolding right before her own eyes. Her mind stays fixed on this conversation though Lucille feels like a gold fish with a pack of cats peering into her bowl. At this moment of time, Lucille runs her eyes over everything, searching for any clues, or anything else that could tip her off that this is a trap. The wolf seems very cool, calm, and collected. Its eyes dart between Lucille and apparently the trail behind her as well. The wolf won’t stay focused on Lucille, won’t look her in the eyes and resumes speaking… ”There were two men wearing black breathable water resistance weather jackets with three red letters DLE on the back. These men took our future lives to another level, where we are essentially DLE-bots and relying on Deep Learning. To the human-eye we appear as wild animals in this case, a wolf. But….” Lucille blinked her eyes twice upon hearing this portion of the story from the wolf. The wolf studies Lucille as if he’s trying to outlast her silence, he cocks his head to the left then howls deeply. Suddenly, there is a choir consisting of 5 unique howling sounds throughout the immediate area.

All of a sudden, sounds of crumbling and falling rocks can be heard which adds an interesting twist of events during this very unique and eye-opening conversation between Lucille and the wolf. Unnerved by the sounds echoing off the majestic canyon walls, Lucille ask…”What does DLE stand for?” The wolf deliberates for a few seconds, eyes meandering. Then he reveals, “Deep Learning Experiment” Lucille asks “How do you know of this?” The wolf launches into a few words “All of us, on this Meta-verse Grid called Yippee Ki-Ay are part of an ecosystem called Internet of Things.” Before Lucille could digest the last statement made by the wolf, very loud sounds of falling and crumbling rocks consumes the immediate area. Lucille’s head lowered a bit though her eyes are fixed on the wolf, who seems unbothered by the events. Though, the wolf spoke…”You are the spokesperson for us. To bring forth the powerful music called the Blues. The trail behind you no longer exists thus you are a resident now.” A flashback occurs in Lucille’s mind as she visualizes a moment of time in her childhood when her father spoke of the blues.

Thick Dust covers the entire landscape which impedes Lucille’s vision but the music leads her spirit to where she belongs. A pack of wolves, five in total magically appear out of nowhere roughly 15’ from Lucille as they play to the tune called “Listen To The Blues” by Isaac Scott. The music echo’s off the Canyon walls while Lucille’s head rocks to the amazing sounds of the Blues. “Listen to what the blues are saying…”

Part IV