Who’s a household name in the books over the past 40 years….

The beauty about the Information Technology domain is with a little effort and thought, very interesting facts can be found about history. In this case, I am targeting well known blues musicians such as Muddy Waters, BB King, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Albert King. I was curious to find out who among those named has been mentioned or referenced more in the collection of books from the 1960 to 2008. What would have been your guess? I thought it would have been the King of the Blues, BB King. But apparently I was wrong and it turned out to be Muddy Waters. If you seriously reflect a bit, it makes perfectly sense that Muddy Waters would be the name most referenced in the books among those mentioned above. What is very interesting is to see that Albert King ranks ahead of BB King. That to me was a shocker.

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