Big Daddy Wilson – Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Big Daddy Wilson – Walk A Mile In My Shoes

If you truly want to hear an amazing blues musician with deep resounding vocals, then look no further. Big Daddy Wilson’s CD “Walk A Mile in My Shoes” is a gotta to have blues CD. The first song, title track “Walk A Mile in My Shoes” sets the tone and mood for the entire CD. I can just picture a small lounge in the woods packed with people as Big Daddy Wilson takes the stage and let’s loose. Oh My Lawd ! That voice just grabs you and the acoustic guitars and piano is a lethal combination folks. Hmmmm, ummmm, grab a woman and swing her around on the dance floor. “Freight Train” sets my mind to country side in the heartland of America. As I can visualize the freight train winding through Ft. Larmie in Wyoming. As the harmonica in the song ricochets off the canyon walls  of the old wagon wheel ruts. Papa ! I can hear the train coming around the bend. All I wanna do is ride that train Papa ! The next tune “On The Run“, reminds me of the hustlin’ and bustlin’ of urban life. Get out the bed, time to get to work ! Good Lawd ! Once again, Wilson’s resounding vocals is dynamic and the mixture of the harmonica adds that hot sizzling blues touch. As the tempo slows down with the song “I Heard The Angel Singing” is a classic. Where is my glass of red wine as I sat among a crowd in the lounge, listening to Big Daddy Wilson astounding voice and in the background a piano, acoustic guitar, and drums. Lawd I feel Alive ! “Don’t Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down” ohh damn right ! I may not have enough money, but I got my health and the blues ! Sing it Big Daddy Wilson and the background women vocals. Claps Claps Claps, Bring it on, Where’s my dancing partner? If you can’t get up and shake some bootay then I don’t know what’s your issue. Because, this tune is a must hear, don’t let this song pass you on by.

Oh Yeah ! Oh Yeah ! I feel the vibe of a Gospel Church at the next song “This Little Light Of Mine” Come on stand up folks ! Sing it with Big Daddy Wilson and his awesome female vocals in the background. As the tempo slows down with “Please” and you can feel Wilson’s vocals. Just close your eyes and allow Wilson’s voice carry you to the place where your soul chills out. This song is one of those you truly want to hear on a hard day when you want to chill out. “Wanna Be Your Man“,  Hey Ladies line up ! Big Daddy Wilson is serenading to you all. I am sure all the ladies will dig this tune as they dance with their man too ! Swing them women around the dance floor fellas ! Awesome acoustic guitars sets the pace of the tune. Oh My Lawd ! I can feel us going down to North Carolina with the song “Two Little Nice Ones”. The acoustic guitar picking grabs my attention and all I can visualize is a winding road through the wooded countryside of the Carolinas.

Have we flown to Chicago now ? The horn in the background reminds me some Chicago Blues in the song “Crazy World“. Ohhh !! Is Buddy Guy in the house? Bring down the house Big Daddy Wilson. Very consistent and steady body grinding blues tune. Oh Baby ! I will hold your hand. “Right Or Wrong” song sums it all up, folks listen to this ! Wilson is sending a strong message and ain’t nothing but the truth. Love the cross mixture of vocals with Wilson. The pace picks up with “Brother Blood” with the acoustic guitars and Wilson’s voice. Definitely another classic by Wilson that you do not want to miss out on with the bongo’s. Ohh It’s that time ! Last Call Everyone ! It’s 2 am and time to do some “Walking“. Ohhh Sing it Wilson ! I am grabbing my coat and tossing it over my left shoulder. Walking along the sidewalk, ohhh hear them blues ? It’s Big Daddy Wilson, Man ! Man ! You got to see him sing that song. Slow, steady and consistent blues song which will grab your soul and mind.

The most favorite song of my listeners throughout my DJ shows on the Metaverse is “Hurricane“. Perhaps, many people have vivid memories of a hurricane which they have survived or had loved ones leave us due to one. When I spin this tune out in the Metaverse, the juke joints go silent and the patrons are up and dancing. Right then, I know this song is a must listen one for a night out on the Metaverse. Wilson’s opening storyline sets the mood and from there on out, his voice resonates to grab your attention and make you want to get up and dance. Blues Lovers ! Yippee Ki-Ay Blues Followers, here’s the song for your own listening, the entire song.