Brews & Blues Club

Brews & Blues Club

There are a few handful good blues clubs on Second Life and they are all unique in their own ways. Each establishment has a profound way of portraying their identity in regards to the atmosphere of promoting live blues music performances. One club that has caught my attention is Brews & Blues which is owned and run by Gail Farshore. This club is hopping with live music performances from such musicians as Kevinoh Blue and Joaquin Gustav. Any visiting patron will not be disappointed, there is a tremendous amount of dance floor space to maneuver around the club and the viewing areas are outstanding. The club has one of the largest indoor stages that any blues clubs have on Second Life. To top it off the club staff members (alesio and krazy) are very approachable, friendly and outgoing. In the end, it’s the music that brings the people to Brews & Blues club. This may not be a well known one just yet, but give it some time and this joint will be one of the better ones on Second Life. It has all the ingredients to be a highly successful blues club.

Here are more photos taken of Brews & Blues Club on Second Life. A shot from the outside, looking directly into the club.

Brews & Blues Club

A photograph taken while inside the club as you can see the enormous dance floor space and large performing stage.

Brews & Blues Club in Second Life

Another photograph taken from a different perspective, from the far corner of the live performance stage back out to the entrance of the club.

Another photograph of Brews & Blues Club

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