DJ Sly Goes Banana’s With Pink POM POM’S…..

The last show for New Year’s Day at the Crossroads was a very eventful one. It had started out with DJ Sly coming onboard the Porch announcing he had a wicked rumor spreading in a notecard about him and thus losing his fan base (aka groupies). So with that being said, the regulars at the Crossroads attempted to make Sly feel at home and decided to make Sly one of their very own DJ Boy Toy. Yup ! Anything can happen on the Crossroads Porch including your’s truly talking about my ex leaving me for a vanilla man. If you don’t believe me what happened on late New Year’s Day, here is the evidence.

DJ Sly & Crossroads Diva's

Yup ! That’s Sly & Crossroads Divas !! (from left to right, The Killer n3’s Nua, Nee Nee and Nikki followed by DJ Sly and Ocean).

We all still love you Sly ! Don’t worry if needed I am sure you will love us too with the bantering that we provide to you on a weekly basis. Happy New Year Sly !

I am still shocked the Nua had lost all control over the Crossroads Porch and that Ell was also found guilty with the riot party scene. I will need to have a talk with Big Boss Man in letting his woman a bit more out since apparently she has lost it on New Year’s Day (Just dies laughing).