Henrik Freischlader Band “The Blues CD…..

Henrik Freischlader Band – The Blues

Ahhh ! If you want to hear one kick ass blues cd then look no further ! “The Blues” by Henrik Freischlader Band is one helluva bar rocking blues cd. The first song titled “The Blues” is wicked as it starts off slow and kicks into high gear. This song is a must hear one ! The song titled “My Baby” is yet another song that will get your juices flowing and a great song to get your woman off the chair and boogie woogie your bootay’s together.  “Nothing To Lose” is another classic example of Henrik’s bad wicked riffs along with the bass solo. The Tempo continues with “Tired Of Beggin'”, where I think this song is appropriate for today’s economic climate as many people are tired for begging for some jobs. Though, this tune rocks right up there with the rest of them. The next song “Is It Right”, is the featured song below and you got an opportunity to hear the full version of it. I promise you will not be disappointed at all and once again the bar rocking tempo continues. I tell you, most of these tunes from this CD, I play at several clubs in the Metaverse and people are pleasantly pleased with the wicked blues tunes by Henrik. Now for a change-up for the tempo, grab your partner and lead them out to the dance floor as the lights dim. “When I First Saw You” is that let’s grind together on the dance floor slowly. Hmmm, ummmm, mmmmm, slower, slower and those lyrics does justice. The next song has a flavor of Kenny Wayne Shepherd, “Did You Right” has that groove and beat which grabs your soul. What do you think ? Perhaps I am right and I leave it up to you to decide. If you like a bit more of a rocker tune, then “She Ain’t Got The Blues” is the one. This tune, kind of reminds me of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Texas Blues. Well if that Woman ain’t got the blues after hearing this tune, then there is no hope at all. Lawd Have Mercy ! I got the blues when listening to this rocking tune.

The last two songs on the “The Blues” CD are fulfilling for any blues lover. “No Questions” manages to keep the consistent bar rocking tempo which Henrik has displayed throughout the CD. You gotta love the strong wicked riffs on this tune. It’s a must hear tune that’s for sure. The long song “Lonely World” is a change of pace, very slow and time to bring out some tequila shot’s. Ohhh My ! If you are looking for one of those songs to kick back and chill out, this is the one. Overall, I must say if you dig the bar rocking aspect of the blues, this CD will definitely bring a wide smile to your face. As I mentioned before, I play majority of these tunes during my DJ shows on the Metaverse and the tunes definitely grabs the attention of the listeners. Make sure to listen in to my shows by using one of the media players centered in this web blog. The schedule is displayed on the upper right column as well.

Here is the song I promised off the “The Blues” CD by Henrik Freischlader Band, titled “Is It Right”. Well yes it is right Henrik and thank you for the bad ass tunes!