Oh is one of Second Life’s Blues musician……

When you have a chance to venture into the Virtual World of Second Life, you will be blown away with the incredible landscape of the various sim’s (public sites that equate to clubs, shopping malls, and various cities/towns). One resident of Second Life that has made an impact on those who have visited the virtual world is blues musician named Kelvinblue Oh. If you want to get a touch of Jimi Hendrix blues style of music, look no further as Kelvin will definitely bring that to your soul. I have been very fortunate to call Kelvin one of my associates on Second Life, who I’ve had the honor to follow-up his live performances with a DJ session of mine. We both share a common interest, that is to spread the blues around to those who have never been exposed to this lively genre. Recently, I invited Kelvin to my house and conducted an interview that is intended for those outside of Second Life to get a taste what’s going on in the Virtual World in terms of Blues music. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee or mug of beer or glass of wine, which ever toots your horns and enjoy this up-close interview with Kelvinblue Oh.

Kelvinblue Oh

Wyatt: Kelvin, how did you become involved with Blues Music?

Kelvinblue Oh: As a young boy, I was always getting into trouble until one day when Mom ended it all by taking me to a local pawn shop. At the pawn shop mom purchased a guitar and that was the beginning of the blues for me. I have been playing the blues since the age of 9 and listened to musicians such as Chuck Berry, Wilson Pickett and my father played the spanish guitar as well.

Wyatt: What type of blues do you most enjoy and play ? I am sure the readers and your loyal followers would like to know more about you. Noticed I didn’t say groupies…laughs.

Kelvinblue Oh: Laughs…..Zydeco music and Delta blues is what I most enjoy. I do write all of my songs and play them with the guitar, some tracks, and some electrical guitar.

Wyatt: What person had the most profound affect on your outlook on blues and why ?

Kelvinblue Oh: Well, ummm…..Two people actually. Jimi Hendrix, was the musician who inspired me the most on the journey to blues. The way he (Hendrix) felt about the blues. The feeling Hendrix that comes across in his music and the love I (Kelvin) have, is what I try to bring out of the music I play. Another person is, Gywneth, the soon to be wife. She inspires me to do music that I would not normally do. Because I never thought I would sound good. But she always knows what would sound good for me. Plus, she also sings too as well if I can only get her up on the stage with me….laughs

Wyatt: What is in your plans for the next few months Kelvin ? It seems like you will be literally tied-up (married) ?…..laughs.

Kelvinblue Oh: laughing….ummm you could say that. I will be going to Germany in march to marry Gywneth. While I am there I am planning to make a Blues CD. The Germans enjoy the blues and delta blues. I do hope to get a pass (residency) and live there (Germany) after marrying Gywneth. SIDE NOTE: Kelvin lives in the South in the United States.

Wyatt: Can you sum up what makes you successful on Second Life, a venue where not many people know about just yet. Perhaps, you can give those readers outside the Virtual World a sense on your thoughts on what makes you successful. Maybe, some struggling blues musician will read this interview….smiles.

Kelvinblue Oh: Number one thing, they (listeners) got to like you. If they don’t they will not come. Those that come to see me, like me. I have nothing bad to say about Second Life. I am very happy to play for 5 as I would for 100 listeners. Because those 5 like me and enjoy my music, so I give them all I have. It’s all about the music.

Wyatt: Oh yes, I agree with you 100% there Kelvin. I feel the same way when I DJ at various blues venues on Second Life and special events as well. It’s not the number of people in attendance that counts. What counts is those who are there and perhaps having a profound affect on 1 or 2 people who have never heard of blues music before. It’s the sole reason why at times, I tend to play blues music at venues where blues is not the theme. I try to reach out to other people and expose the blues genre to them. I get a high when I receive compliments that they love the music I spin for them….smiles.

Wyatt: Ok enough of me talking, this is about You….laughs. What is your second favorite musician and any thoughts on the up and coming rising musicians in the blues genre ?

Kelvinoh Blue: I still can’t get over your nickname…roll…em….bones….laughs. Albert Collins, I like the funky blues he played. I don’t play attention to the new artists. I like the old school guys and only listen to them, they turn me on. I can’t lie man.

Wyatt: Oh yes, Albert Collins. I love spinning his “Cold Cuts” song, that gets the listeners fired up. What is your favorite tune you like to pick on during your live performances on Second Life ? And what are your thoughts about Blues musicians in Second Life ?

Kelvinoh Blue: My favorite song to play is Voodoo Child. Blues music in Second Life, I think many new artists are coming into Second Life. But many are coming in for the Lindens (money. It is well noted, that artists can make roughly 100 to 200 dollars per performance in Second Life). A lot of clubs (blues venues) need people (musicians) playing no matter if they sound good or not. So they (club owners) will settle on anyone as they would do in real life. Those (club owners) that really want good music, will go out and look for it. I enjoy your (Jeremiah) sets, one of the best blues DJ in Second Life. You have one of the best play lists and enjoys listening in.

Wyatt: Kelvin, Oh man….Now, the readers are thinking that I just paid you some enormous amount of Lindens (money) to say that….laughs….In all honesty, it’s an extreme honor to follow your live performances at Brews & Blues Club on Second Life. All I try to do is keep the tempo going and hope one or two people have their ears perked to the tunes that I spin.

Kelvinblue Oh: You and Jimmyd49 are the two who I think are the best in Second Life, man. Jimmy is very good and smooth, a lot like his style but mild.

Wyatt: Well thanks Kelvin, I do appreciate the time you have taken out to engage in this special interview. My sole purpose is to get your name outside of Second Life and let others know there are a few people who are trying to spread the blues music around. For those readers, if you care to see Kelvinoh Blue live performances, Kelvin performs at the following venues: Cottonfield, Moonshine Blues, Blues Warehouse, Brews & Blues, and House of Tunes.

Kelvinblue Oh: Anytime my man….thanks for the plug.

Here is a sample song by Kelvinblue Oh, titled “A Bit of Jimi Hendrix”….

[audio:https://www.yippeekiayblues.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/a-bit-of-jimi-kn.mp3|titles=A Bit of Jimi Hendrix (mp3)]