Rattled Beats Show Tonight 10pm until 11pm PST….

Rattled Beats Show Friday Nights
Rattled Beats Show Friday Nights

Hello Yippee’s loyal followers ! First of all, we would like to extend our best wishes for a Happy Easter Weekend to each and everyone of you, as well as to your extended families. Tonight’s Rattled Beats Show is a special one, due to the fact one of our loyal followers/listeners and very good friend has been diagnosed with cancer. Therefore, the entire Rattled Beats show tonight is a dedication to that wonderful follower/listener and dear friend of ours. As I’ve shared with many close friends despite what we might want to admit or not, each and everyone of us during our lifetime will experience the blues.

“We start our lives with blues . . . with music. It’s our first language. It’s the rhythm of the womb. It’s your mama’s heartbeat inside your head.”
― David Mutti Clark, Professor Brown Shoes Teaches the Blues

So get WIRED tonight and do enjoy this special show tonight as we have a powerful line-up.