Surprising Facts About The Blues

During the time I got involved with the Blues Genre as a Blues DJ, my goal is to expose people to various artists throughout the world and bring some of the best blazin’ blues tunes to the ears of my loyal listeners. In doing so, I spent an enormous amount of time conducting some serious due diligence. Thus, I wanted to know universally-wise what type of Blues is getting exposure and where. So for my first data-set, I chose the following: Texas Blues, Chicago Blues, Delta Blues, Detroit Blues, and New York Blues. As you can see from the diagram below is that Chicago Blues is the most recognized blues universally in the past 10 years. Though, Delta Blues has the most influence around the world according to my research.

From here, I took a more in-depth look at the above flavors of Blues to where in the world are they most popular. So for the Texas Blues, the United States followed by Canada are the countries that are engaged with the Texas Blues, check this out.

More facts regarding Chicago Blues on the diagram below.

Data on the Delta Blues….

Data on the Detroit Blues…..

Finally, the New York Blues….

Well, I do hope you enjoy some of my due diligence conducted on the most finest Genre’s of them all, The Blues.