Bryce Janey – Blues In My Soul

Bryce Janey - Blues In My Soul CD
Bryce Janey – Blues In My Soul CD

This is one of the best blues CD’s I’ve heard in a while. Bryce Janey cranks up the volume and sets the tone with the opening title “Country Fever”. In this tune, you can definitely hear that guitar that resembles a bit of the texas blues. The second song “Funky Guitar Blues” is a great hit among the listeners during my shows. It truly has that funky get up and shake your bootay. This song demonstrates the various types of blues Janey is capable of. “Mean Old Town” has that rowdy flavor rhythm that you might find in a Saloon in Sturgis, South Dakota. When listening to this song, flashes of Harley-Davidson’s comes into my mind. I just dig that rough and rowdy guitar sound. “Runnin’ Down The Road” is another song that grabs me of a biker jam that would tear up the Sturgis Saloons. The rough and rowdy guitar sound is consistent with the previous song. The tempo changes slightly with “Walkin’ On A Live Wire”, though the song really puts your mind into the scene of a battlefield. Every step you take can be lethal and certainly Janey’s picking of the guitar along with his deep voice brings everything into perspective, the Blues is here ! The next song “Mission For Love” demonstrates Janey wicked ways of getting that guitar to speak to you during the first 50 seconds of the song. By now, you certainly would be having a smile on your face listening to this CD. But, “Another Fine Day” brings out the best in Janey. The song starts slowly and cranks up along with Janey’s vocals. Ohhh Yeah Baby ! Just another fine day with a shot of tequila and Janey’s Blues. “City Underwater” is a classic bar rockin’ blues tune from the Delta’s. Throughout this song, I can see New Orleans and those cities along the southern coastline where they are prone to hurricanes and flooding. The song has a touch of swamp, marshes and delta’s touch to it. When I divert my attention back to Texas and those oil fields when workers are dealing with brutal heat and humidity as they continue to drill and rig those oil deposits. The song “Hard Working Man” is so befitting and the lyrics certainly speaks in a loud volume along with the riffs of the guitar. Hmmm, it’s time to grab that special person and slowly dance on the floor, “Get You Off My Mind” slows the tempo. This tune has a feel and touch of Stevie Ray Vaughn of Tin Pan Alley. “Killing Floor” is a classic blues tune which Janey vocal’s clearly dominates the track. “In This Place”, the acoustic guitar begins the track, then electric guitar adds some depth to the track. Janey’s vocal’s so smoothly blends in as this is one wicked tune.

Here is “Medicine Man” and let me know what you think. I know you will not be disappointed with this track. As a matter of fact, the entire CD is definitely worth it.