Dudley Taft

We have been honored in the past to interview one helluva blues artist by the name of Dudley Taft. We truly dig his blues rock style and Dudley has been featured on many occasions on the Rattled Beats shows. The tracks from the album/cd “Deep Deep Blues” were “Meet Me In The Morning”, “God Forbid”, “Sally Can’t Dance”, and “Wishing Well”. Tracks from the album/cd “Left For Dead” were “When The Levee Breaks” and “Ain’t No Game”. Tracks from the album/cd “Screaming In The Wind” were “Pack It Up”, “Screaming In The Wind”, and “Rise Above It”. Tracks from the album/cd “Skin And Bones” were “Skin and Bones” and “Fuzzy Dice”. Get wired to the Rattled Beats Shows on Monday and Friday Nights to catch a few of Dudley’s amazing tunes.

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