OpenSimulator Community Conference – Day 2

The second day of the two day OpenSimulator Community Conference has been very impressive. It’s been very refreshing to witness other ambitious people tackling on Virtual World Technology. One demonstration that caught my attention is where one of the presenters (Kayaker) flew around the platform on a Magic Carpet that was not using the bullet physics. Though, during the demonstration the Magic Carpet managed to lose Kayaker, but thank god he reappeared on the podium in one piece. In another demonstration, Kayaker had fired a cannon and accidently took out a few of the attendees in the first couple of rows. Ultimately, Kayaker managed to take down the Blimp (target) in the sky. Well done, Kayaker !

Lastly, one major point was brought to attention, the education of Virtual Reality in 2017. The following Infographic depicts the state of Virtual Reality within the Education domain. We strongly feel by leveraging this technology that we can successfully bring the Blues to another level of awareness World-wide.

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