Rafael Tranquilino – Espera

The latest Blues CD Titled “EsESPERA COVER ITUNESpera” by Rafael Tranquilino Band is one helluva CD that promises to get your blood flowing. The first track “Back Down Engine Town” truly rocks and you will notice right away the awesome talents of Rafael on the guitar. Yes ! there is no backing down from Rafael on this track. In the second track “Salvo Mi Alma” is a sweet slow blues song in Spanish. Oh Yeah ! Bilingual Blues Right On ! Once again throughout this song you will hear the tight guitar skills of Rafael as the sounds literally jump out and attempts to grab your attention. “Shuffle” represents a blues quickie on the CD in terms as a sweet short transitional jam. The fourth track is the favorite among the meta-verse listeners the song titled “Do You Want Me?”. In this track, lead singer Leah Tussing vocals and Rafael guitar makes this song one of those last call types in the blues clubs. Better yet, “Dim the Lights and Let’s Get It On” as the song sets the mood.

Oh yeah, I think I can feel Stevie Ray Vaughn in the fifth track “Stevie”. Just a wild guess on my behalf do not quote me on this. Another classic tune that demonstrates Rafael’s awesome talents on the guitar. From Texas to down to the deep south and you hear the next track “Delta” with Leah Tussing on vocals and Rafael on the slide guitar. This is yet another favorite among the meta-verse listeners which gets them cranked up and shaking it on the dance floor. Just imagine seeing Rafael in the Juke Joint and jamming all night long. Oh yes ! Rafael bring the Juke Joint Down ! The seventh track “Lucia” is another cool transitional jam that allows the patrons grab a drink or two before returning to the dance floor. The sounds of the wicked guitar echoing off the walls and shaking the entire club. “Ya No Blues” a Spanish blues tune which demonstrates another aspect of Rafael’s talents. A wonderful mixture of slow and rough riffs of the guitar really captures your mind. When ever you are out on the road, the track titled “Driving Blues” is a very befitting one as you are passing them 18 wheelers on the highway listening to the vocals of Leah Tussing and swift guitar riffs from Rafael. Looking into the rear-view mirror and seeing those 18 wheelers looking very small since the song completely captivates your attention. Easy now, ease off the gas pedal…Laughs.

The tenth track “Crazy Jam” reminds me of Jimi Hendrix a bit “fast and furious” wicked guitar jam. Though, when I get a chance to hook up with Rafael, I will ask him about this song. The track “Take You For A Ride” is where you will hear the vocals of Rafael once again. Sweet classic blues tune, though I am sure those who purchase this CD will wonder where Rafael will take them to. I can tell you one thing for sure, Rafael’s CD “Espera” will no doubt spin you into the blues. “No Vuelvas” is also another favorite among the meta-verse listeners. A very slow yet very influential mood song as throughout the track, the guitar comes out to wrap about your head and take you away. The final track, the CD Titled “Espera/Waiting”, brings back memories of Carlos Santana’s songs in the 80’s. In fact, we all might be witnessing another version of Santana in Tranquilino. It will not be too long before Rafael Tranquilino music spreads around the globe. “Espera” is one CD that you must get, the blues will come alive for sure. Here is the song “Espera” that you can listen and be a judge for yourself.