Rattled Beats Show @ 7 PM PT

“You Got The Time Baby, We Got The Blues For You. If you like it real slow, we got the deep blues. If you wanna shake that bootay, we got the funky blues. If you simply wanna feel the walls rattling, we got the blues rock for you.”

Tonight, the Rattled Beats Show will be featuring Miss Lady Blues, Tas Cru, Paula Harris, Long Tall Deb, BJ Estares & Route 61, Darren Jack, Billy Hector, and Enrico Crivellaro to name a few.

To learn more about each artist/band, just move the cursor over their names and click to get more information on them. Do enjoy the Blues.

Note: Despite having the complete album/cd from Two Blue, we could not locate any functional website of them. Thus, here is the information we know of them so far, singer Karimah and guitarist Robert Walsh.

The Show:

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