RB Stone – Loosen Up

The latest Album/CLoosen UpD release by RB Stone titled “Loosen Up” is definitely one that any blues lover should purchase as the entire CD is power packed with high energy party songs. The first track titled “High Horse” gets you out of the chair and dancing to the smooth riffs of RB’s guitar and wicked harmonica. This is a favorite among my Meta-verse listeners. The next track “Long Gone Lonesome Blues” demonstrates RB’s vocals and  brings back memories of driving through the countryside of the Dakota’s. The last 1/3 of this track has a great battle of guitars going at it.  The 3rd track which happens to be the titled track “Loosen Up” sends a strong message to those who are willing to listen. Do not take life serious and enjoy it. This is yet another track that gets a tremendous feedback during my shows on the Meta-verse, after all we are there to have fun and loosen up. The next track “God Heals When You Cry” slows down the tempo and brings you back to reality. You can definitely feel the words and passion behind RB Stone vocals. One of many great skills, RB’s writing definitely opens your eyes in this track. Next track “Texas Drunk Tank Blues” reminds me of a waterhole out in the boonies of Texas. Oh yeah RB ! Throw it down and let’s hear some wicked Texas riffs while blowing that harmonica. “I Ain’t Buying That Bull” is darn good dancing song during the “last call” round. Bring it on RB ! Let me hear some of that harmonica.

She’s Too Hot To Handle” is a classic bar rockin blues tune where everyone gets up and boogies on the dance floor. I bet there will be a few women that would be too hot to handle while RB performs this song.  One of my favorite’s happens to be “Harley Heart” due to the fact I know RB loves his Harley. In addition, the drummer for this tune is Tom Hambridge, who also produced this wicked blues CD. You can definitely hear RB jamming on the cigar box guitar and Tom playing the drums. As I always do, I have one track that I always share with my loyal listeners. In this case, it happens to be a damn good tune on RB Stone’s Loosen Up Album/CD. As previously noted, this is one CD that is worth to purchase and you will not be disappointed at all.

Now, here is the track “Gone As Gone Can Be” as I ride away on horseback through the Land of Enchantment.