The Story Of Lucille, Part IV….


The misty light drizzle has ceased and the hiking trail which Lucille treks on is in very good condition with a muddy spot here and there on the way. While Lucille’s blue eyes scans the trail ahead from left to right, she notices the pristine state of the entire surrounding terrain. The trail has a few moderate and winding inclines followed by a very steep decline that leads into a very expansive and vibrant meadow. A slight breeze occasionally kisses the right side of Lucille’s facial cheekbone. As a reminder that nature is the king of the lands and Lucille is just a tiny stone on the dirt trail. A few paces before closing in on the meadow, Lucille’s lips surround the engraved whistle on the upper end of the 6’ wooded hiking cane. She blows very hard into that engraved whistle ultimately a loud deafening clear high-pitched sound echo’s off the majestic canyon walls.

The sudden alarming sound would effectively catch any near-by wild untamed animal attention immediately. At this moment of time, Lucille’s progress stops temporarily while she survey’s the entire grounds before her. This includes a radius of 100’ to fully ensure that she is well aware of the surroundings and on guard for any potential life threatening encounter. The wind created a shivering whistling sound while the pine needles dances in harmony. There was no sighting of any wild untamed beasts though before Lucille resumes the hike, silence had dawn the immediate area. Instinctively, Lucille’s blue eyes lifted upwards to detect any sign of flying hawks, eagles or bats that may give advance warning. The tiny hairs on the back of Lucille’s neck rose immediately, as her mentor long ago instilled in her “To trust your instincts as they will never betray you”. The song titled “I Can’t Change” by Billy the Kid & Regulators rings throughout Lucille’s head as she still has those important survival skills embedded in her mind and soul.

Once in awhile during our lives there is someone or a collective few that are observing your actions or body language in a very stealthy manner. In a fast pace, chaotic and electronic-based society, a distracted multitasking individual will likely never catch onto those who are nearby and observing every action made by them. Lucille knew of this from her upbringing and the duties of her full-time job which now seems as a distant past. Time after time, her parents pounded into her head that observant individuals are well tuned to the vibe of the immediate area. Every day, Lucille practice taking everything in, memorizing the things unfolding around her so that she can write them down later if necessary. It pays off now.

A large extruding boulder stood out against the scenic backdrop of the majestic sandstone canyon walls. Lucille’s blue eyes shifted towards the left and upward to where a large extruding boulder stood out. A loud wicked snarling growl sound rings the ears of Lucille’s, instantly she becomes jittery. Perched on that boulder is a large wolf which its fur perfectly blends into the vibrant backdrop. Red-rimmed eyes size up Lucille, calculating whether or not, she would be an easy catch. Lucille is in a very dangerous situation now as her gut indicates with a slight twitch.

Lucille’s mind is swirling and kicks into high gear, calculating the distance between her and that large wolf. Before Lucille can react to that initial wicked snarling growl, a voice came from that very same location of the perched wolf. The words drifted towards her ears “Those weapons on you are useless. Do not even attempt to use them”. For the very first time in her life, Lucille felt defeated and ambushed while having no clue as to who is speaking to her. Silence came for a few seconds then few more words were spoken from that unknown source “Back in the days, folks like you almost made us extinct species. Now, we are back in ways that are unimaginable to your very own mind, Woman.” This statement had caught Lucille completely off-guard and had a profound affect as her mouth became very dry instantly. The lyrics of “Where Are You Now” by Lauren Anderson, captivates Lucille’s rattled soul. Frozen in her stance, Lucille experiences a creepy vibe. Is the wolf really speaking to her?……

Part III