The Story Of Lucille, Part IX

Once the large snake had introduced himself, Lucille gives him a blank look. “The Digs, this is a very sacred and secured place. We can openly talk around here unlike where you had come from.” The Elapid belches, takes a deep swig on the shot glass, then adds. “As if anyone can truly leave the comfortable confines of the city and figure out who we are.” Lucille stays silent. It seems like the prudent thing to do. “See those cabinets?” He points his shot glass at the line of dark gray boxes on the far cave wall. Lucille nods. “That’s where the bootlegs of LP’s are buried.” At this point, given the mystic sensations, the tequila stench, the live streaming screens. All bets he is telling the truth.

The Elapid reaches over a large desk off to the right and grabs a couple of SD cards. He tosses them to Lucille as she is caught off guard and attempts to catch each one of them. “Blues Songs First Recorded I and II, Read and listen to them.” Lucille looks down, the SD cards are all coded with numbers, letters, and special characters. They offer no clue as to what they contain. Lucille’s mind is completely overwhelmed, she feels Elapid’s demeanor. He is stern, direct and to the point. Everything that Wicked Willie had shared with her throughout the journey into this glorious mountain cave. The outside terrain so pristine, highly dense forest, fresh air and wild creatures. Though, buried in the mountain side a highly sophisticated 21st century automated engineering operations spectacle.

He lunges for more SD cards. “Take one of those Tablets from the cabinets, insert the SD cards. Then go draw some travel digital funds otherwise known as bit-gold. We take turns running to VibeHORN to pick up the latest SD cards.” Lucille does not understand any of this. She desperately wants to ask what VibeHORN is, but she decided it would be more prudent to remain silent. “Look, what we do here is very secret. Hardly anyone outside knows what we do. Keep it that way. What we do here, stays in here, Clear?” Lucille responds, “Yes”. Suddenly, the Elapid launches a raft of delicate cuban cigar boxes her way. The top ones are marked “SECRET” in red letters. She’d never read a secret document in her life. Now, she’s trapped in a blizzard of them. It will take her hours to review this stuff. “Listen to MP3’s and read the corresponding documents.” Pauses for a few seconds before resuming, “Check out the Rumble Seat and Alley Boogie. Dissect them. Find ways we can keep the Blues Alive in the future, Okay?” He stabs the air with shot glass, pointing at the file cabinets again.

His phone rings, he snatches it up, his attention on Lucille is broken. It is time to get to work. There is no doubt, the Elapid is King of the Mountain. Right then, the flat screens become alive as live-streaming of a particular blues artist appears. A wicked slide guitar sound ricochets off the entire inner walls of the most futuristic and glorious cave unknown to mankind. The Elapid bobbing his head in a very animated way, wicked willie seen juking in the background as Eli Cook song rattles the cave….TBC


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