Another Chicago’s Bluesman Hits The Big Time Stage….

Nick Moss CD Priviledged

If there was one CD that captures the latest ongoings of the World Economy and Politician Leaders, it has to be Nick Moss latest CD release titled “Priviledged”. I’ve been a huge fan of Nick Moss after conducting intensive due diligence on the up and coming blues musicians on the scene. In fact, I had an honor to meet Nick in person at San Diego during one of his performances. We spoke in length about the blues and we both have something in common. That is, to spread the blues music around and expose other people about the genre. As for the CD “Priviledged”, the first song “Born Leader” has a great feel to it and the lyrics are very catchy. The next song “Louise” which is a favorite of mine,  has a boogie woogie Juke Joint Jump to it and will definitely get your rear off the seat and dance. The third song “Georgia Redsnake” has that southern twang to it, as you can feel those acoustic guitars. Another vibrant tune is the one titled “Politician” as you can get a faint hint of a Jimi Hendrix-like feel to the groovy tune. Oh My ! Talk about yet another Juke Joint Boogie Woogie song “She’s So Fine (Born Blind)“.  This song vibes can literally beg you to get off the couch and make you shake your money maker ! I can be here all night describing the entire CD to you and that will not be fair ! So get out there and grab a copy of Nick Moss’s CD Priviledged. You will not be disappointed if you dig the blues ! To hear more tunes by Nick Moss, listen to the Live On-Air player on the left column when I DJ live in Second Life, where the Blues Comes Alive in Virtual World.

Here is a song from the CD Priviledged called “For What It’s Worth”….