One Hot Live Performance Blues CD…..

Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band Live ! In Chicago

When it comes to one of the better Live Performances recorded, the latest CD titled “Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band Live ! In Chicago” is one helluva packaged of bone thrilling blues songs. Once you hear the first song on the CD called “Somehow, Somewhere, Someway“, it is very apparent you will find yourself at the edge of your chain and ready to boogie woogie to the awesome tunes. On this CD, many well known blues artists have joined with Kenny Wayne Shepherd band to bring us thrilling and sensational blues tunes. The likes of Humbert Sumlin, Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, Bryan Lee, and Buddy Flett have contributed their talents that will definitely catch your ears and bring a sweet smile to your face. The favorite of mine is one called Dance For Me Girl which features Buddy Flett. This song has a tremendous beat to it and I’ve spun this tune many times during my DJ sets. It definitely gets the listeners off their chairs and into that sweet mood to dance the night away. Another catchy tune on the CD is called “Eye to Eye” featuring Willie “Big Eyes” Smith as the harmonic introduction will dictate your mindset to sway your body from side to side. It’s no wonder why we wouldn’t be able to see eye to eye, the sweet tune would make your eyes close and take that one hot woman to your side for a wonderful slow dance. Oh My ! talk about setting up the tempo for a great evening. If you want to simply get off that chair and do your thang on the dance floor, you might consider turning up the volume of your speakers to the tune titled “Feed Me” featuring Humbert Sumlin. The picking of strings that Sumlin does will definitely get you in that mood, that is to kick em shoes on the dance floor. This tune has a great beat and rhythm to it, I am still trying to get down to the liquor store to grab a six-pack and chill out. Bryan Lee, the blues musician who gave Kenny Wayne Shepherd his break into the blues scene is featured on the song titled “Sick And Tired“. The outstanding lead vocal is Bryan Lee and the tune resembles the sweet tunes that Lee produces. You can definitely sense the close collaboration and tightness that Lee and Shepherd have on this tune.

There are many more awesome tunes on this magical live performance in Chicago by Kenny Wayne Shepherd, including his most sought DJ played song titled “Blue On Black“.  Other most notable songs are “King’s Highway“, “Deja Voodoo” and “I’m A King Bee“. This is a must CD for any true blues followers and surely you will not be disappointed after hearing these sweet tunes.

Here is a song called “Dance For Me Girl” featuring Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Buddy Flett.