The Story Of Lucille, PART X

While the slide guitar kicks into high gear, the decibel level reaches to the maximum then red and yellow strobe lights begin to flicker violently. Out of nowhere, flying in formation and performing summersaults and flips are a collection of very colorful and distinguish looking Zombie Butterflies. Lucille stood there in utter amazement as she literally witnessing these butterflies with no body intestinal.

Coincidence or Cunning? In this world, The Elapid preaches, there are no coincidences, nor will all the puzzle pieces ever fall into place. The best you can do is assemble what you have and try to divine the rest. This immediate exhibition reinforces that mentality. Lucille shoots a gaze at the Elapid and notices he is not amused. He just looks at Lucille with a You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into here sort of facial expression. Then he goes back to scribbling on more paperwork. Almost as an afterthought he blurted out, “That’s What’s is left of the Butterflies”.

Gutless Dancing Butterflies? As in Zombie? Lucille better start at the beginning. She dipped her head down, insert SD-card and folders appears on the laptop screen immediately. The massive collection of electronic folders becomes her gateway to the world no one don’t want to know about. Lucille read the stilted words, mesmerized by the meaning behind them.

….In 1943, Jimmie Davis was widely known through his entertaining, was not only electable, but also had defeated two Longites and possessed a personality and soothing campaign style that kept him from accumulating many political scars. Davis’s statement of his candidacy revealed that he planned to run a harmonizing campaign. He called for the retention of “All constructive legislation of all past administrations”, including Longite programs as such as adequate old-age pensions, free school books, continued road construction, and access to health care. He also endorsed reform programs for civil service and proper accounting of state finances. (1)

Davis’s efforts to be non-controversial should not be confused with neutrality. He recalled in 1983 that the strength of Huey Long’s dictatorship and the Louisana scandals had convinced him that Louisiana needed four more years of reform. He had hoped, however, to transcend faction: “We had a lot of dissession”, he said in 1983. “I wanted to get those people together. I said I didn’t care if they were Long or Anti-Long…I wanted them to be a Davis Man” – a remark that brought to mind his pledge of 1943, “I shall do all in my power to bury the hates and distress of the past and raise the curtain that will let in the sunshine of Louisiana’s future greatness”. (1)

Jimmie Davis retained his “sunshine” campaign image throughout the first primary, and continued to stress his political independence. During the last days of the campaign, however Shirley Wimberly, a Longite former member of the state tax commission, raised a new and potentially damaging issue when he called upon Davis to defend himself against the rumors that he had written and recorded songs with serial numbers 60836AB and 60873AB on the Decca Record Label, namely “Bed Bug Blues” and “High Gear Mama”. “To Say that these songs are suggestive, indecent, and vile”, Wimberly judged, “Would be a decided understatement. They were obviously designed for the entertainment of the denizens of the lowest dives and dens of iniquity”. (1)

Lucille sat back and taken a deep breath, then she pressed on to read again. The Elapid asks, “Have you opened the folders yet”, Lucille responds, “Yes, I am studying the files you gave me”. The Elapid asks, “Rumble Seat or Ally Boogie?” Lucille responds, “Rumble Seat”. The Elapid grunts and goes back to work. Suddenly, a flock of zombie butterflies begin to fill up the entire glorious cave and loud drumming sounds echo’s off the inner walls. The entire area is shaking and vibrant guitar riffs begin then lyrics of “Rise Up” , a track by John Pagano Band…..TBC

(1) Jerry Purvis Sanson, 1999, Louisiana During World War II: Politics and Society, 1939-1945.


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